EPIQ 2017

The Experience Programming in Quorum (EPIQ) conference is an international professional development workshop for educators to learn the foundational skills necessary to teach students computer science using the Quorum programming language. EPIQ was started in 2010 as part of a National Science Foundation funded project (CNS-0940521). See our announcement letter below:


EPIQ 2017 will be held at the beautiful Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, WI on July 23rd through August 2nd. At the event, attendees (e.g., teachers, programmers) will learn about the field of computer science and programming using the Quorum programming language. Teachers attending EPIQ will additionally learn how to integrate computer science into their classrooms. The curriculum provided is modern, free, open source, and mapped to the Common Core and AP's Computer Science Principles standards. This year, new content includes astronomy content, computer game physics, and a significant number of new lessons and tutorials.

The Astronomy tower at the Yerkes observatory and the main building.

Cost and Application

In previous years of EPIQ, we were fortunate enough to provide a no-cost registration, due to the overwhelming generosity of our sponsors. However, as EPIQ has grown and we have planned moves across the country, this has come with some cost. While EPIQ remains inexpensive for teachers, with a total cost for 9 days of only a $350 registration fee. This fee includes most meals and housing at the Wisconsin School for the Blind for all days for teachers accepted with this limited space option.

We strongly encourage attendees to work with their institutions to obtain the registration fee. Teachers that have to pay on their own without institutional help, or that need a scholarship for airfare, should note this in their application. As always, EPIQ is application only and scholarships will be made available, limited by funding, to help teachers attend.

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