The Quorum Programming Language

The world's first evidence-oriented programming language.

Introducing Quorum

Quorum 2.1 (see the Quorum release notes), has the following features and more:

Try Quorum! Enter some Quorum code below and press "Run" to execute it

Hello, World!

Not all Quorum code works on the web. For example, please download Quorum to use sound or music.

Getting Started

Example Code in Quorum

Below are some full examples of programs written in Quorum. These examples are complete standalone programs. Here's hello, world:

output "Hello, world!"

Here's how you make Quorum talk:

say "Hello, World!"

and here's how you create a chromatic musical scale (starting at middle C) play out of your computer's speakers:

use Libraries.Sound.Music
Music muse
integer i = 0
repeat 12 times
   muse:Play(60 + i,1)
   i = i + 1